Empowering your customers to reduce their CO2 footprint


How Does the App Work?

When you install the App a small snippet of code in your theme adds our widget to your shopping cart allowing your customers to add our carbon "off-set" product to their purchase.

What does it cost?

The app is free of charge, though we require an active subscription so we can collect the contributions your customers have made.

What levels of support are there?

Your customers can choose between three levels of support.
Basic, Standard, and Premium, the costs are based on the Swiss Franc: Basic = 1 CHF, Standard = 3 CHF, and Premium = 5 CHF.
The actual price is converted based on your stores currency.

Where can I learn more about the Treellionaire project?

Please visit the Treellionaire FAQ for more details

Can I participate as a Merchant?

With the new version of the app you, as a merchant, can participate in two ways.

Matching Contribution: You can choose to match the contributions of your customers 1:1 effectively doubling the contribution thereby making an even bigger impact.

Per-Order Contribution: By choosing the Per-Order option you contribute a fixed amount for every order on your shop. The possible amounts are based on the 3 available offset products offered on your store.

Where do I find you Data Protection Policy and how is my customers data used?

The protection of your customers data is important to us and we use it only to provide compensation certificates to those customers who purchase a C02 compensation. Your customers firstname, lastname, email and address are used for producing the compensation certificate.

You can find our data protection policy on the Carbon Connect website.